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blood orange adrenal cocktail

when i first saw adrenal cocktails popping up all over the place, i thought it was... silly. "well duh, it feels nourishing," i thought. it's an orange creamsicle in a cup - of course that's a nice afternoon pick me up!

and yet, there is something soothing to it. it may be the magical mix of minerals, carbs, and fat. or maybe it is the nourishment of having something delicious just for mama in that afternoon slump that sometimes shows. (and if anyone knows me at all, you would know that a special mama drink is my most favorite daily self care).

if you want to know more of the why behind the mix, i would encourage you to check out jessica ash or kori meloy on instagram. if you live in a northern latitude + want to know why orange juice might not feel in alignment for your body, check out georgie for all his beautiful shares on light, our environment, food, and the nuance in between.

· blood orange adrenal cocktail ·


1/2 c blood orange juice (fresh, unpasteurized preferred)

1 tsp raw honey

heavy pinch salt

1-2 tbsp raw cream

pinch of cream of tartar, optional


  1. you may want to use a small bit of hot water to dissolve the honey first, before adding the rest of the ingredients + mixing well

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