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fermented oatmeal

grains, like most plant foods, are particularly high in antinutrients that can interfere with nutrient absorption, increase inflammation, and impact gut health. properly preparing grains can mitigate antinutrient content, making the difference between enjoying them or not.

one of the primary antinutrients in most grains is phytates, which is processed by the enzyme phytase. increasing the phytase content + giving adequate time for it to work its magic can be done for most grains by soaking in a warm acidic medium (like water + lemon juice on your counter).

but oats are particularly low in phytase, so soaking doesn't do much to mitigate the phytate. instead, i prefer to ferment them. it has personally been the difference for myself (+from what i can tell, my kids) in feeling light + nourished after eating them versus heavy + bleh.

· fermented oatmeal ·


1 1/2 c sprouted quick oats

1/2 c raw yogurt

2 c raw milk


  1. mix all ingredients well in a non-metallic bowl + leave to sit at room temperature, covered, overnight

  2. in the morning, heat gently on the stove over medium heat until just warmed through. serve with butter + jam, maple + cream, or stewed fruits

*please note: i would not ferment on the counter with pasteurized dairy. if you can't source raw milk + yogurt, use organic, whole milk + organic full fat, probiotic yogurt then ferment in the fridge for a lesser, but still palpable, ferment effect.

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Feb 27

How do you sprout quick oats?

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