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lilac simple syrup

the scent of lilacs is intoxicating like nothing else. a most fleeting spring bloom, their sweetness + light is offered for but a few weeks each year.

capturing the scent in perfumes or oils is next to impossible, but infused sugars do quite well. so when you find them, scoop them up aplenty + use them here, to hold onto their beauty for just a bit longer.

beautiful in your morning cuppa, herbal sun tea, or my favorite for letting the blooms shine:: lilac lemonade.

· lilac simple syrup ·


1/2 c organic cane sugar

1/2 c filtered or spring water

1 c lilac blooms


  1. heat sugar + water over medium heat in a small pot, stirring until sugar dissolves; bring to a simmer, lower the heat, and allow to lightly bubble for 2-3min.

  2. remove from heat + allow to sit for at least 5 min

  3. in a clean jar, place your plucked lilac blooms + pour the simple syrup over the flowers. stir to coat - the blooms should be just covered by the syrup.

  4. allow to infuse overnight (or longer) before straining into a jar.

*if you are using this for lilac lemonade, pour 4 cups of very hot water over the reserved, sticky strained flowers. allow to infuse until cooled to room temperature - this will be the tea base for your lemonade!

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