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join us in circle as we demystifying the martyr mother & reclaim sovereignty in motherhood


we live in a culture where mothers are expected and celebrated to betray themselves at the altar of their children. there is a narrative that for children to be fully well, their mothers must go without.


but there is another way forward...


a way of mothering that gifts our children and ourselves full, deep, dependable nourishment that gives way to lasting vibrancy.


rejecting the story of the tired, bitter mama and replacing it with an image of a woman, and her entire family, living well.


in this 2 1/2 hr call (and following q&a), you will be guided through

  • identifying the martyr mother
  • claiming radical responsibility
  • exploring sovereignty within ourselves, our home, and our communities


plus, you will receive PDFs with

  • supporting somatic practice
  • intuitive journal prompts
  • and ritual suggestions


for integrating rooted motherhood as your lived experience




hosted by Natalie of Sovereign Woman Care & Nicole of The Seed Of Joy, the REPLAY of this circle is a juicy exploration into what it means to recaim sovereignty and nourishment while raising the next generation.

demystifying the martyr mother workshop

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