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Small batch, organic rose hydrosol⁣⁣


A step above rosewater, ROSE HYDROSOL is a whole plant preparation that retains the full benefits and essence of rose.⁣

ROSE HYDROSOL is a mildly astringent, yet soothing, toner that works to⁣... ⁣⁣


• Retain moisture⁣

• Gently lift dirt and oil⁣⁣

• Reduce inflammation⁣⁣

• Soothe dry or irritated skin⁣⁣

• Soften and tone ⁣⁣

• TRULY hydrate skin⁣⁣


This hydrosol is the highest quality I have ever used – rich, vibrant, and deeply pink, it's a potent plant extraction with the essence of rose coming through in every drop. ⁣⁣


A beautiful addition to your skin care, beauty rituals, or simply for a nervous system soothing refresh anytime.⁣⁣


•• Comes in a 2oz frosted glass bottle with spray cap

Organic Rose Hydrosol

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