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Willow works within the waters of the heart to resolve resentment and soothe sticky self pity, freeing bitterness from its frozen confines to foster forgiveness, acceptance, and the self responsibility from which they bloom.


One of the most wonderful motherhood allies, willow offers you her essence of firmness and flexibility, structure and softness, and the permission to stand sovereign but supported. She comforts the mother feeling unseen or unappreciated, and fortifies her to claim a brighter sensation. Willow offers the space to safely feel and then release.


Harvested from wild willow in the morning dew with children afoot, this indiviual tree offered the most potent and clear matriarchal frequency I have ever encountered within a plant, and her essence will not be captured again. 



1 ounce - wild willow, fresh spring water, organic vodka, sunlight

Willow Flower Essence

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