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a seven week container for sovereign mothers to reclaim safety in the body & restore vibrancy to their motherhood

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mothers are
the baseline

the foundational frequency from which life around her springs into being. the wellness of the home, the vibrancy of the family, and the stability of the children are all housed within the mother. her power to create and maintain harmony within her home is found in her ability to access safety & harmony within herself.


but as a primal mother living in the modern world, you may be finding yourself

  • wholly consumed by the depth of motherhood, feeling yourself lost in the tides of it all

  • going through the motions but feeling ungrounded or disconnected from yourself

  • experiencing a shock to your system as old stories of your own childhood rise to the surface

  • wishing you had more space and time to tend to your own heart

  • disappointed in how hard mothering is feeling, when you aren't convinced that it has to be

  • aware that you are consistently dysregulated but unable to see another way through

  • caught in the story that you have to sacrifice your own needs to fully meet the needs of your children

  • clear on how you want to feel in your motherhood, but lacking the clarity on how to actually experience it for yourself

the world feeds us a story of motherhood that reeks of depletion, looks like exhaustion, and feels like confusion.

but it is not the story our bodies tell.

by returning to our bodies, we invite ourselves (+ our children) to relish in the rooted vibrancy that was always meant to be ours.

in choosing to weave our own nourishment into our lives, we reclaim the story of motherhood told in our bones - the one

that says mothers and their babes can all be well, without

anyone suffering to get there.

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the story of grounded, sustainable, nourished motherhood is alive & well within your body.

some piece of you can feel it, and no matter how your mind may try to convince you that it can't be true, that story persists. 

it is yours

to reclaim

& restore

rooted is a sacred container to reflect your own light back to you, as you walk your way home to the mothering truths written within

you will receive,

  • intimate weekly group calls

  • somatic practice

  • intuitive writing prompts

  • rhythm + ritual suggestions

  • personalized support

  • a network of fellow conscious mothers journeying with you


all thoughtfully crafted to hold you as we explore & integrate,

  • nervous system care

  • somatic awareness

  • building safety in the body

  • attuning to nourishment

  • embodied boundaries

  • cyclical rhythm & ritual

  • the restoration of reverence

  • and more, to be discovered together

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if you...

know some tools or resources but lack integration,

desire to weave nourishment into your lived experience,

crave a space to be witnessed & mirrored in your fullness,

want to revive certainty, stability, and ease in your days,

trust your innate wisdom as a woman & mother,

rooted is for you

we begin November 9th, meeting weekly until closing on the winter solstice (December 21st)

between calls, you'll enjoy delightful bites of
integrative practice dripped in the course portal,
as well as a rich community chat space


pay in full


two monthly payments


three monthly payments

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What happens if I miss a live call?

Catch it after! All calls are recorded and the replays uploaded to the course portal same-day.

I don't live in the US - will the call time work for me?

Calls will be held during normal waking hours for anywhere in the US or UK. If you live elsewhere, email me at to check.

Will I have the chance to be mentored directly?

There is typically a space to share at the end of each call, and I am sporadically available in the community chat. Beyond that, you can add-on 1:1 calls at a discounted rate during ROOTED, for more personalized integration.

Is this lifetime access?

The community chat will close when the cohort ends, but you will have access to all replays & course material for at least one year.

I've consumed all kinds of information on nervous system work or embodiment - how is this any different?

ROOTED is designed for integration. So often as mothers, we get caught without the time, space, or energy to put what we learn into action. In this cohort, you are invited to take a deep dive into yourself, and given the pathway to actually integrating what you discover into your daily lived experience. 

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