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{super} simple syrup

simple syrup is as basic as it gets. versatile + adaptable, it is an easy go-to for sweetening a myriad of drinks:: lemonades, cocktails, sweet tea, or iced coffee.

we don't do much cane sugar in our house, but simple syrup is particularly good for infusing with flavor. unlike honey, it has sweetness without imparting much of it's own flavor, so whatever you infuse is captured well.

one of my most favorites is lilac simple syrup, which is the base for lilac lemonade, too.

typically, simple syrup is heated only enough to dissolve the sugar, but i like to boil mine for a few minutes. it gives a bit of body + mouthfeel that more simple drinks may lack otherwise.

· {super} simple syrup ·


1/2 c organic cane sugar

1/2 c filtered or spring water


  1. heat over medium heat in a small pot, stirring until sugar dissolves; bring to a simmer, lower the heat, and allow to lightly bubble for 2-3min.

  2. remove from heat + allow to sit for at least 5 min before infusing or bottling - keeps indefinitely!

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